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Career in UX Course

  1. Welcome to the course 02:20

    Welcome to the course

    In this course you're about to learn how to start your career in UX.

  2. Intro to UX 08:01

    Intro to UX

    Let's try to define what good UX is and why do we need experts in this field.

  3. The Design Process 09:31

    The Design Process

    Explore the basics of UX landscape as well as the design phases.

  4. Labelling the job 10:06

    Labelling the job

    How different companies understand UX roles and what to expect.

  5. Agency-side UX 09:06

    Agency-side UX

    Check out the environments in which UX designers work.

  6. In-house UX Teams 10:05

    In-house UX Teams

    What it means to work for AirBnb or Facebook as a UX designer?

  7. Problem discovery 08:58

    Problem discovery

    Different tools and approaches that you'll find useful as a UX designer.

  8. Analysis and Mapping 05:06

    Analysis and Mapping

    What are the different data you'll collect in the UX process

  9. Architecture and Design 10:30

    Architecture and Design

    Differences between high-, mid- and lo-level design.

  10. Usability principles 08:59

    Usability principles

    What is usability and why it matters so much in the UX world.

  11. Research tools 06:10

    Research tools

    Check out the tools that will help you in the initial UX phases.

  12. Design Tools 05:14

    Design Tools

    Overview of different, modern tools that you'll use to craft UI.

  13. Soft Skills in UX 08:08

    Soft Skills in UX

    As a beginner designer, there's a lot to learn to communicate effectively.

  14. Worth a read 06:11

    Worth a read

    Some of the resources and books worth reading

  15. Blogs and podcasts 05:06

    Blogs and podcasts

    Check out some of the best online resources for great reports and content.

  16. Your first projects 04:00

    Your first projects

    Good places to explore the ideas and going through first projects.

  17. Creating a Portfolio 08:43

    Creating a Portfolio

    How to design a portfolio that's interesting for recruiters.

  18. Applying for a job 06:05

    Applying for a job

    Where to look for a job and tips on creating successful submission.

Career in UX Course

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Get practical insight on starting your career as a UX designer. As there are not many academic opportunities to learn about UX design and many of them focus on the theoretical design process, this course provides actionable knowledge for you to learn about working as a UX Designer, as well as tips on how to make your first steps in the industry.

  • The nature of work of a UX designer
  • Deciphering various job roles in UX
  • Core skills and methods designers use on a regular basis
  • Popular design and research tools for the job
  • Soft skills useful in design
  • Recommended learning resources
  • Practical tips on building your portfolio and searching for a job

Michal Mazur - "UX Design is my true passion and I am very fortunate to have found it so early in life. I enjoy working about projects case by case, investigating and then searching for solutions. Through my skills in user research, UX architecture and designing highly usable interfaces, I have helped many companies build real business value through good design. ‘Empathy’ and ‘user-centered design’ are the terms that make me tick above anything else! I also love sharing my knowledge with the industry through giving conference talks, conducting training sessions, creating online courses and mentoring."

Find me on Twitter and Medium: @mazi_mazur

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If you are just starting out, this is a perfect resource to help you understand what UX is about and how to make your first steps. If you are already a UX designer or somebody working in a similar field, this course may give you a bit different perspective on the job. The content will also be a massive help to anybody working with UX Designers or recruiting them.

How UX Designers work

Learn about many different job roles and specialisations, as well as the context of work of a UX Designer. There are many influences in the daily design work, both in an in-house team and agency-side. Learn what those influences are and how different specialisations are involved within the whole length of a model design process.

How UX Designers work
The skills to master

The skills to master

UX Design is quite a complex job role, because in every project in every organisation you may need to tap into different skills. Because it is a job primarily based on collaborating with other people, I want to show you not only the methods of working or tools to use, but also soft skills that will help you work out various design problems.

Kick-start your career

When I started in the industry, I had to figure everything by myself - which books or blogs to read, how to build my first design portfolio. I’d like you to build on the knowledge I gathered myself and with the help of other designers, and get to know high-quality books, publications and podcasts that will help you grow and stay on top of the game. You will also be able to pick up some ideas for your first portfolio and practical tips on how to build it to impress recruiters.

Kick-start your career