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User Testing Course

  1. Course intro 01:22

    Course intro

    What will you find in this course?

  2. Understanding the concept of testing 06:52

    Understanding the concept of testing

    What is user testing?

  3. Why is user testing important? 11:05

    Why is user testing important?

    How it can increase the quality of design

  4. Elements of a test 10:45

    Elements of a test

    What are the components of every test?

  5. Who to test with? 15:03

    Who to test with?

    Finding & selecting people for your test

  6. How many testers do I need? 07:35

    How many testers do I need?

    Don't worry about big numbers

  7. Types of tests 08:08

    Types of tests

    How to choose the right type of test?

  8. In-person vs remote 05:18

    In-person vs remote

    Key differences in test outcomes

  9. Moderated usability tests 15:04

    Moderated usability tests

    Aiming for richer data

  10. Unmoderated usability tests 08:33

    Unmoderated usability tests

    When you don't have much time

  11. Card sorting 06:43

    Card sorting

    Testing to help you organise

  12. Tree testing 07:17

    Tree testing

    Will they find their way?

  13. Focus groups 05:49

    Focus groups

    Are they useful in UX?

  14. Split testing 09:36

    Split testing

    Aiding simple design decisions

  15. Feedback surveys 20:31

    Feedback surveys

    Gathering structured feedback

  16. Scenarios and tasks 19:09

    Scenarios and tasks

    Preparing a viable setting for the test

  17. Interacting with participants 09:52

    Interacting with participants

    How to ensure a test goes smoothly?

  18. Active listening 10:04

    Active listening

    The art of listening

  19. Research triangulation 04:35

    Research triangulation

    The power of combination

  20. Analysing the data 10:11

    Analysing the data

    Making sense of the mess

  21. Creating a summary report 10:13

    Creating a summary report

    Making your reports usable

  22. Summary 00:44


    Summing up

User Testing Course

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Being a UX designer does not mean you should be able to design any feature or interface perfectly. We are all biased with our own perspectives and experiences, and that's why it's so crucial to validate our design decisions in more objectives ways. This course will introduce the concept of testing with real users through a number of methods, to ensure business risk is minimised and designs are properly evaluated. We will cover a range of topics:

  • What user testing is and why it is a crucial element of a design process
  • What are the most common elements of user tests
  • Introduction of various research methods, with the most attention dedicated to usability testing
  • Planning testing sessions and conducting them to extract maximum insight
  • Analysing and reporting the findings

Michal Mazur - "UX Design is my true passion and I am very fortunate to have found it so early in life. I enjoy working about projects case by case, investigating and then searching for solutions. Through my skills in user research, UX architecture and designing highly usable interfaces, I have helped many companies build real business value through good design. ‘Empathy’ and ‘user-centered design’ are the terms that make me tick above anything else! I also love sharing my knowledge with the industry through giving conference talks, conducting training sessions, creating online courses and mentoring."

Find me on Twitter and Medium: @mazi_mazur

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This course will be a great starting point for learning about user experience and user research. If you've never run any user testing studies, you will have a chance to learn the theoretical basics, but also get practical insight from the author. User testing, especially usability testing is something that anybody in a modern product team would benefit from taking part of, so even if you are just learning what user-centered design is about, this will be a great resource to get started.

The core of user testing

Learn what are the core components and principles of user testing - from administration and designing test through conducting the tests. You will be able to understand what are the shared elements and useful documents for any type of tests in the product design process.

The core of user testing
The most popular methods

The most popular methods

Get into the details of usability testing, card sorting, tree testing, split testing and feedback surveys to understand the strengths, weaknesses and elements of each of those methods. Explore the pros and cons of running remote, in-person, moderated and unmoderated studies.

Maximising the value of research

To make sure you get the most out of your tests, learn about effectively communicating with the participants and leveraging the approach of active listening. Learn how to triangulate your research, analyse qualitative data and prepare reports which will be digestible to your stakeholders and focused on the priorities.

Maximising the value of research